HeartWatch. Heart & Activity Monitor for Watch App Reviews

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They force you to turn notifications on.

There is no way around it.

Waste of $$

Updated to ios 10.0.2 and now its useless, crashes everytime... Uninstalled, re-installed, lost all my data and still crashes every time!!!!

Best Heart Rating App Out There!

You need to try this. Its honestly the best heart rate app on the App Store. The interface is amazing, but its overloaded with features that makes it so much better than the rest. One of the features I love is the replay of the last day. It also has the best user interface I have seen in an app.

Best app ever!

Ive never written a review before, but this app makes me feel obligated because its amazing. Anyone who wants to monitor their heart rate during exercise or sleep, this app is a must. It gives you insight on your resting heart rate and your exercise heart rate informing you the recommended heart rate for the fitness level youre trying to achieve. This app is also great for anyone who needs to track heart rate for a medical reason. I love this app!

Great App, must have for athletes with Apple Watch

This app is clearly one of the best applications to view your heart rate in gene and workout heart rate specifically. You can really look under the hood, and see every detail of your data. Great work! And it gets even better with each update.

Perfect companion to Apple Watch

A detailed and visually satisfying way to track your cardiovascular health over time.

Perfect! Apple should have included this

Really terrific analytics if youre serious about tracking heart rate on your Apple Watch. Indispensable. This app makes my watch 10x more valuable.


I dont know if it was caused by watchOS 3.0, iOS 10, or a little of both, but the new version has made this app unusable. While using the native Apple Watch workout app, HeartWatch previously gathered up the data in the background and gave me the workout info I wanted. Now, either I use the native app and get constant heart rate warnings from HeartWatch, or I start my run using the HeartWatch workout option but the native app wont work at the same time. Sleep tracking used to be easy, now very much not easy. Despite using the new version for several days, the dashboard still gave detailed explanations every time I looked. F all this. Too many other options out there to be frustrated by this once great now garbage app. Deleted the app and moving on.

Brilliantly Helpful

I downloaded this app because my doctor recommended I monitor my heart rate at home. This app does just that, and it does it beautifully. A complication on my Apple Watch allows me to view my heart rate without opening up another screen. I also get alerts when my heart rate goes above or below a rate that I determine. Customer service was STELLAR when I had a question with the app and got back to me right away. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who wants quick, easy heart rate monitoring!

Data geeks will love this App

So much data, you wont know what to do with. Love this app!

Overall excellent app

Ive used this app to check my heart rate along with my Apple Watch for a few months now. It shows you your heart rate at any moment of your day. Its really helpful when I go to the doctor to track my rapid heartbeat. I really like the new update- there are lots of new features I havent even found yet but I think that its very thought out, interesting, and helpful. I really recommend it to anyone who has an Apple Watch and is curious about how your body is affected by what you do everyday. Excellent app

App Doesnt Appear on my iWatch anymore

App is installed, but doesnt appear on my watch anymore.

The Reason I dont wear my Rolex

I own several watches: two are Rolex and one is a Tag. My son asked me why I bought an Apple Watch the other day bringing up the fact I have "nice" watches already. I told him that I bought it and wear it because I saw this app and really needed to track this data; I am not disappointed. This app is why I wear my Apple Watch as a first choice for daily wear. Great app, great options, great display of information for the user. Thanks!!

Nice App.

Beautiful design, easy to read data graphics. Very nice job. Put all data in a easy to understand graphics. With an easy tab, you can dive deeper in your statistics and get any information that is monitored. Looking forward for next features.

Previous watch app please.

Please give us the previous watch app back. Was much simpler and quicker to access information. New version is overly complicated and too slow.


The complication at Apple Watch is not working, and need to be fix with a new update.

Highly recommend

Best app for heart rate analysis. Developer committed to frequent updates. Highly recommend!

This App is a Lifesaver!

I love this app! I got an Apple Watch to help me track my heart rate on a daily basis. I have a medical condition that requires regular self monitoring and this app has exceeded my expectations. I was disappointed with the general Apple Watch tracking app as it wasnt giving me readable information. HeartWatch, however, makes it very simple for me to check how each of my days were in comparison to the others and what my hourly looked like. I would highly recommend this for anyone that purchased the Apple Watch for the heart rate function!

Rich with useful data for tracking and insight

Excellent for tracking stats and comparing for my own personal medical insights.

Great app

Delivers on all stated features. The amount of data and insight provided is fantastic. Support has also been great. Great value.

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