HeartWatch. Heart & Activity App Reviews

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Très bien mais !

Excellente app. Clair et synthétique ! Mais il ny a pas de synchronisation du sommeil entre lapp de la watch et lapp du téléphone (iPhone 6s+ iOS 9.2.1) Je garde sleep++ qui est excellent ! Attendez une mise à jour avant de lacheter ☺️ Excellent app. Clear and concise! But there is no synchronization between the sleep app to watch and the app phone (iPhone 6s + iOS 9.2.1) I still sleep ++ is great! Expect an update before buying ☺️


Superbe application je recommande fortement .

At last a dashboard for Health it!

This is amazing. I always asked myself why no one would build an app which could deliver the spartan data found on healthkit in a human friendly way. I hope you go further and add sleep, steps etc. Great app!


Its a must have for Apple Watch owners! Apple Watch app opens and updates instantly! Very useful information.

Well Done .!.

Great app and have been my choice since it started. Amazing new GUI now .. congrats !!

Very cluttered UI

Since the new Update with lots of new and nice ideas the App is very overloaded with features and looks very cluttered. The Ui was in the version before clean and clear. Now it looks very inconsistence.

Logged in to iCloud just to review this.

Loving the new update folks! New navigation and UI is super cool. For me Heartwatch is the heart rate jack-of-all-trades that does everything better than the competition.

There is no better App..

that works with your heart rate and activity data like Heart Watch. Super useful insights and help. The Heartrate alarm on the Watch during workout is incredible. There is so much new and good stuff in there its a must have App if you own a Apple Watch.

Works well

Excellent app! Fun to check the stats. Works fine on apple watch and on iPhone.

Nice App.

Beautiful design, easy to read data graphics. Very nice job. Put all data in a easy to understand graphics. With an easy tab, you can dive deeper in your statistics and get any information that is monitored. Looking forward for next features.

Great App, must have for athletes with Apple Watch

This app is clearly one of the best applications to view your heart rate in gene and workout heart rate specifically. You can really look under the hood, and see every detail of your data. Great work! And it gets even better with each update.

Finally an app to access iwatch heartrate potential

Great app witj great potential. Finally have a convenient access and info of trends! Adding graphs and different views would make it a 5 star app!

Heart Rate Data in Focus

Love this, really brings out the utility of the Apple Watch heart rate data. Sleep++ integration is genius. Looking forward to the future development of this app.

Be still my beating heart - Alert!

This app is awesome, so much improved over the last version. Having HR info makes having an Apple Watch so much better. I like he alert that tells you when your heart rate is below 50, so with improved fitness its something to shoot for, as a lower testing hr signifies a fitter heart.

Wow very impressive

Its great to see the way this App is improving in such a short time with every update. At last found something where I can see what Apple Watch is recording about my heart rate data in very detail manner. Apple Watch combination is perfect companion.

Great app for data junkies

Best app Ive seen to record and analyze your biometrics, mainly heart rate but also bp. You will be surprised how low your heart rate is when you sleep. One of the more useful apps for the Apple Watch. Highly recommended.


Ive been looking for a way to see my average resting heart rate this is a great app for better understanding all the health data that the watch tracks

Best Apple Watch App so far...

So far this is the most important watch app on my IPhone/watch!!!

Does what Apple should have

This app keeps track of your heart better then any of Apples apps. Easy to understand UI. Sends notifications for high and low heart rates.

Too complex

This app is a little too complicated for my taste. The info shown for any given day is a little overwhelming. Id prefer something simple like an average resting heart rate, wake up rate, and average workout rate. Also the average resting heart rate seems to be the average of all readings between 55-79, instead of all readings where you were actually resting, so it is always around 66

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